Another two design prices in January

We are happy about our perfect start in 2020: Two of our products have been given an Iconic Award and a German Design Award.

Another German Design Award for Spartherm

Spartherm Piko Frame gets its second design price. On February 7th the concept hast been honored with a German Design in the Category Excellent Product Design (Energy) thanks to its innovative approach of product integration into modern living spaces. The modular system including a fireplace in an elegant, monolithic design and different useful extension modules like storage elements and a bench adapts perfect to its surrounding.

First Design Award for KWC AVA E

KWC AVA E – the new masterpiece of precision – received its first design award: the Iconic Award 2020 in the Category Innovative Interior. The E stands for “Edelstahl” – the German word for Stainless Steel – and describes the material performance of the new KWC faucet continuing the design language of the well-know KWC AVA family.