The digital Revolution

NOA teamed up with RASTAL and Deutsche Telekom AG to develop SMARTGLASS – a completely new beer glass which offers new approaches to customer involvement, competition differentiation and the promotion of consumption.

How it works

The core element of the SMARTGLASS concept is a coded chip which contains information like glass capacity, the type of beverages served and the time and place the drink was poured out. This chip can be fixed to any type of glass and thus easily be integrated in the costumers corporate design.

Supporting the optimization of business processes

The beverage producer, no matter where he is located, can learn about the amount of beer consumed in a particular bar in real-time and can respond accordingly or find new potentials for optimizing business processes based on the assessment of consumption statistics.

Smartglass at CeBIT 2017

Within the scope of “Digitalization in Practice” RASTAL presented the “Smart bar” at the Deutsche Telekom AG booth at this year’s CeBIT in Hannover.

“This technology and so the RASTAL Smartglass Concept will be of essential interest to the entire beverage industry because it addresses the ongoing basic structural changes of the market and of the consumer behavior and converts risks into opportunities. The RASTAL Smartglass Concept puts us into a pioneering position and, together with our strategic partners like the Deutsche Telekom for example, enables us to offer complete product and service solutions unlike any other company in our field of business.”

says Thomas Nieraad, CEO of RASTAL.


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