„Think next worktop“ – our vision of an innovative centerpiece in a modern living space

The worktop merges urban lifestyle with cutting edge technology and provides fascinating use-modes – from innovative cooking experiences up to the usage of the worktop as a smart home office space or as party space to stage food and drinks.

One worktop – 5 user modes

Day mode

  • Keep your cappuccino warm on the warming plate area
  • Charge your smartphone wireless
  • Beam news from your smartphone via the cloud hood projection tool right on the smart worktop
  • Use the space for your home office work
  • Set a cool and activating mood with a vivid blue ambient illumination

Cooking mode

  • Use the induction hob for regular cooking or select programs for automated cooking
  • Use the Cloud hood projection tool for guided cooking right next to the hob
  • Let the Cloud hood automatically adjust the aspiration level according to the cooking actions and air quality
  • Keep your dishes warm at the warming area

Cleaning mode

  • Deactivate all functions temporarily for cleaning – indicated with green illumination
  • One piece worktop made of glass makes cleaning as easy as a swipe

Night mode

  • Night light serves as discreet orientation in the kitchen
  • The Cloud hood´s 24 hour silent aspiration feature recycles the air gently during the night

Party mode

  • Stage drinks with bottom up illumination
  • Illuminate the worktop gently with the full surface light area of the Cloud hood
  • Keep your drinks chilled with ice cubes in the Chef center
  • Create your own light mood with customizable lateral ambient light colour

Innovative devices

The Chef Center

Advanced cooking and food preparation
  • steaming on two levels
  • gentle sous vide cooking
  • safe sterilization of food with ozone
  • on board control for basic functions
  • App control with advanced functions for programmed/scheduled cooking activities
  • water filling
  • time based and sensor controlled heating/sterilization
  • water outlet

The Cloud hood

A smart lifestyle hood as personal air- and light-assistant
  • Automatic, sensor controlled aspiration-level according to the cooking actions
  • Fascinating full surface work light with Kelvin control (activating blueish light tone in the morning, relaxing yellowish light tone in the evening)
  • Touch interface with LED indication
  • Powerful aspiration with enhanced airflow, grease- and carbon filters
  • Projection device
  • Interactive projection screen of your smartphone content
  • Intelligent identification and scaling food on the worktop

Think next at Eurocucina 2018


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