Our Pioneer projects
Creating fascination
Maximum Technology. Maximum Aesthetics.
By combining both, we developed some real show car products (not just studies) for our clients which create a fascinating user experience.
Hoesch Waterlounge
A paradise of transparent glass.
It looks a bit surreal but is indeed a real product which we developed together with Hoesch. Rectangular glass bathtub including lounge chair and whirl functions. The Hoesch Waterlounge bathtub has its own interpretation of bathing and living. It breaks down borders, traditions and conventions. The user can let the light, water and delicate air massage regenerate his body and soul. The combination of aesthetic and functional values creates a space for new visions and imaginations.
– Immerse yourself in a fascinating wellness experience –
Philips Lumiblade Glow
Candle light ambience meets OLED technology
Lumiblade Glow is a new type of ambience light based on OLED technology, including touch response sensors. Creating a candle light like atmosphere, it has been designed for lounges, restaurants and homes of the 21st century. The pliant, translucent object with its soft curving and polished lines resembles a stone found on a riverside. The embedded OLED is driven by integrated sensors, which react to an approaching user initiating a pulse of light that gradually fades. It has bee a pilot concept for contemporary interaction OLED lighting objects developed by Philips.
Spartherm Arte G
The Haute Couture fire place
Arte G creats a completely new image for fire places market in Europe. It is a high-tech solution with a highly fascinating visionary image. The fire object has been realized by Spartherm in cooperation with different highly specialized manufacturers and material suppliers. Due to a glass ceramic cupola and an innovative exhaust solution which directs all fumes to the base of the fireplace it has a unique 360° fire view.
Outstanding water performance and aesthetical perfection
The fundamental idea for the development of KWC ZOE product family was to bring fascination and functionality to a new level of perfection. An iconical shape inspired by the natural flow of water is combined with top quality functions, including a two way pull-out spray head and a 270 degrees swivel spout with an integrated LED light system. Apart from a side lever operated version there is a “Touch light pro” one. This can be controlled by a single touch element, which makes it one of the most innovative and easy-to-use products in the market.