Our service offer​

Future Potential


We create meaningful scenarios by analyzing ​future developments and trends.

Context analysis

Reflecting the vision, challenges, and future capabilities of clients. Analysing future trends and market developments to understand their respective content

Client expectations

Innovation capability analysis​

AI-assisted trend & market analysis

Greenfield portfolio analysis​

Expert interviews​

Scenario Creation

Identifying potentials based on ​future context and creating scenarios ​as inputs for clients.​

Product & brand visions

Product scenarios​

Greenfield portfolio potentials

Future scenarios

Strategic guidance ​

Concept Creation

Designing of tangible concepts by focusing on user needs and brand requirements and ​defining appropriate technological enablers.​

Customer need identification​

Technology research​

Product & design concept​

Business model creation​

Brand signature​

Proof of Concept​

Solution Development​

Developing feasible products as a successful extension of existing business or brand new future business models.​

Business model evaluation​

Design & technology development​

Prototyping (2D / 3D)​

Roadmap definition​

Realization support​



We transfer future scenarios into future ​business by developing viable solutions.​