We had a successful year 2019 – Welcome 2020!

We finalzed 2019 with 5 new design awards for different products developed for KWC, HEWI, Spartherm and Rastal and we are looking forward to 2020!

2 More design prizes for HEWI

One of our most award winning product systems HEWI System 900 has been honored two more times with the German Innovation Award 2019 – category “Excellence in Business – Building and Elements” and the ZVSHK Award 2019.

1 Design prize for KWC

KWC BEVO received its first design award – the Iconic Award 2019.

1 Design prize for Rastal

Also Rastal Smartglass has been honored once again. Due to its particularly innovative approach it received the “Innovationspreis Rheinland-Pfalz”.

1 Design prize for Spartherm

Last, but not least Spartherm Pico Frame the modular product system including different elements to create a modern living environment such as shelves, sideboards, seat and bed surfaces, wood storage spaces and of course the fireplace received another Iconic Award.